Trip ‘Claim’ Chowdhry Woke Up From Another Bender

Garrett Cook, reporting for Yahoo Finance last week:

In a recent note, Chowdhry called for the “completely clueless” Tim Cook to be replaced. He cited a culture of “bozos” at Apple destroying $486 billion in shareholder value under Cook’s management. […]

There is hope though for Apple’s management, and it starts with Jonathan Rubinstein taking over for Cook. Chowdhry said Cook needs to be replaced and mercifully noted Cook “can go back to his Operations role” while CFO Luca Maestri “can go back to his Accountant role” as Fred Anderson, who was CFO during Apple’s previous Jobs resurrection, comes back to right the wrongs. Angela Ahrendts is not safe either. The Sr. VP for retail and online is “completely clueless” and a “misfit for a role at Apple” according to Chowdhry. He would like her gone.

Has anyone considered the possibility that “Trip Chowdhry” doesn’t actually exist, and is really some sort of experiment to test whether the business press will question anyone claiming to be an “analyst”, no matter how inane their statements?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016