Mark Gurman Says New 4-Inch iPhone to Be Called ’iPhone 5se’

Mark Gurman:

The new device is internally codenamed “N69,” but the launch name will likely be the “iPhone 5se.” The “se” suffix has been described in two ways by Apple employees: as a “special edition” variation of the vintage 4-inch iPhone screen size and as an “enhanced” version of the iPhone 5s.

Why not “iPhone 5se/30”?

Indeed, the upcoming “5se” features a design similar to 2013’s flagship but upgraded internals, software, and hardware features that blend the old design with modern technologies from the past two iPhone upgrades.

Sources have provided the following list of “iPhone 5se” upgrades over the 5s:

  • The chamfered, shiny edges have been replaced with curved glass like on the iPhone 6 and 6s lines.

I don’t see how curved glass fits with the iPhone 5 industrial design. And what about the chamfered edges on the back?

Friday, 22 January 2016