Manuscripts and Findings

My thanks to Nucleobytes for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. Nucleobytes is a fascinating company. They specialize in creating Mac and iOS software for scientists and researchers, and they do it with great style — their apps have won multiple Apple Design Awards.

Their latest creations are two apps for researchers, useful for anyone who researches anything from lab results, cooking recipes, or research for blog posts: Manuscripts and Findings.

  • Manuscripts is a writing tool that helps you concentrate on your story. Outline, plan and edit your project, insert figures, tables and math, then format citations using a killer workflow. Manuscripts supports both importing and exporting Markdown, Word, LaTeX, and HTML.

  • Findings is a lab notebook app that helps you keep a journal of your research, connected to notes, photos, and files. Plan your week, track progress, and share your findings with your colleagues or the world.

Try the free basic versions, and use coupon DARINGFIREBALL for a special discount on the unlimited versions, this week only. (They have an even better offer for students.)

Friday, 26 February 2016