The State of Apple Music Connect

Dave Wiskus:

If Connect is a social network, it fails miserably. There’s nothing inherently social about the experience, which feels more like a local bulletin board than a way for artists to engage with fans.

It’s also not a very good broadcast medium. Sure, I can post to Connect and share out to Twitter and whatnot, but why? There’s nothing unique or powerful about Apple’s system that makes it a good hub. Because I have no idea how many followers we have, I can’t even make a numerical argument for Connect-first posting. And since we can’t even invite people from other places to follow us on Connect, there’s no incentive to try.

As a fan, it’s a confusing mess. As an artist, it’s a black hole. All media, no social.

Connect was a big part of the Apple Music introduction back in June, but I haven’t heard a word about it since other than when Dave writes about it.

Monday, 29 February 2016