Apple Hosts Public Letter From San Bernardino Victim to Judge Sheri Pym (PDF)

Salihin Kondoker:

When I first learned Apple was opposing the order I was frustrated that it would be yet another roadblock. But as I read more about their case, I have come to understand their fight is for something much bigger than one phone. They are worried that this software the government wants them to use will be used against millions of other innocent people. I share their fear.

I support Apple and the decision they have made. I don’t believe Tim Cook or any Apple employee believes in supporting terrorism any more than I do. I think the vicious attacks I’ve read in the media against one of America’s greatest companies are terrible.

The battle is being fought both in the courtroom, and in the court of public opinion. Support like this helps Apple with the latter — which in turn helps with the former.

Thursday, 3 March 2016