Forbes: ‘Amid Mounting Questions, Dropbox Tops 500 Million Users and Says Growth Continues Apace’

Miguel Helft, writing for Forbes:

As investor sentiment toward ”unicorns” has turned over the past few months, Dropbox has been besieged with questions about everything from its $10 billion valuation to the viability of its business.

On Monday, the company sought to rebut skeptics, saying its growth trajectory remains as strong as ever. Speaking at the FORBES CIO Summit in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Dennis Woodside, the chief operating officer, said Dropbox now has 500 million users, up from 400 million in June of last year.

“We are continuing the scaling of the business across both consumer and enterprise,” Woodside told FORBES in an interview.

I hope they’re doing well — to call Dropbox “essential” is an understatement.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016