Indie Mac Apps Are the Better Economic Bet

Brent Simmons, following up on Rene Ritchie’s aforelinked piece:

The Mac has for a long time been overlooked — first because Windows was so huge, and then web apps, and now iOS. For my entire career people have said that the Mac is a bad bet, that it’s dumb to write Mac apps.

In 2002, in Why I Develop for Mac OS X, I explained that I write Mac apps for emotional reasons.

Those emotional reasons still apply, and are enough, themselves, to keep me writing Mac apps. But my experience since then tells me that writing Mac apps is the best economic bet for indies. (Particularly if you sell the app yourself, so you can have a trial version and upgrade pricing.)

See also: Cabel Sasser on iOS vs. Mac revenue.

Friday, 11 March 2016