Apple Acknowledges iOS 9 Crashing Bugs When Tapping Links, Fix Coming ‘Soon’

Benjamin Mayo, writing for 9to5Mac:

Since posting our original story, we have heard from a lot of readers that are affected by iOS 9 crashes or app hangs when tapping links, spanning multiple iOS versions (not just 9.3) and devices. In a statement, Apple has now confirmed that they are working on a fix for the problem, coming in a software update (presumably iOS 9.3.1).

The bug was triggered by third-party apps misusing the Universal Links feature in iOS 9 — it’s a coincidence that it seemingly affected many people only after they updated to iOS 9.3.

In the meantime, if you’ve been hit by this bug, Ben Collier has a step-by-step workaround guide. (It’s not simple.)

Tuesday, 29 March 2016