Daring Fireball RSS Feed Sponsorship Openings

Two notes about the DF RSS feed sponsorship schedule:

First, the sponsor originally scheduled for this week needed to reschedule at the last moment. If you can pull the trigger quickly, let’s make a deal.

Update: Done.

Second, I’ve had this system in place for almost nine years now, and it has worked wonderfully as a business model. I make a good living writing DF. Sponsors are happy with the results, and frequently return for subsequent sponsorships. And you, the readers, seem to be happy, with what are truly non-intrusive (small downloads, no animation, no JavaScript) messages from sponsors who I think might truly be of interest to you. And it’s pretty cool that my model has paved the way for other indie writers to do the same thing.

But the ebb and flow of the schedule still surprises me. Back in January I was only sold out a week or two in advance. But in February I pretty much sold out through the end of April in a three-day stretch. Now, the schedule for May and June is pretty much wide open. (Some years June sells out before April and May do, in anticipation of WWDC.) So, as I always say in these reminders: If you’ve got a cool product or service you want to promote to the DF audience, please get in touch.

Monday, 2 May 2016