Coach Apple Watch Bands?

David Boglin de Bautista, writing for Haute Écriture:

A sales associate at a Coach boutique informed me Friday that Coach will be releasing Apple Watch bands as early as June and sent me photos of some of the bands. Now, a sales associate has confirmed the number of bands that will be available, their prices, and sent me more photos, though another sales associate at a different boutique says the bands may not be available for purchase until the fall.

The sales associate along with others working there told me after I called and asked for more information that there will be 9 new watch bands from Coach in white, black, and saddle, though, there is a red band in the first photos, for $150 each.

Hard to say from this whether it’s an official partnership with Apple — like Hermès — or if Coach is just designing and selling standalone bands. I’m guessing it’s the latter, given that these are standalone bands.

This sort of thing, I think, is the “luxury” story for Apple Watch, not the Edition models. I noticed last week that the Walnut Street Apple Store here in Philadelphia no longer displays the Edition models.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016