Mark Gurman Is Leaving 9to5Mac

Dave Smith, writing for Tech Insider:

9to5Mac founder Seth Weintraub told Tech Insider the move from 9to5Mac was “amicable” and “years in the works.”

Neither Weintraub nor Gurman could confirm where Gurman would be working next, or what his role will be, but Weintraub did say he would be working for a big name media publication. Gurman also confirmed plans to move to San Francisco to start his new gig, which will still include reporting and breaking news about Apple, among other companies. He will officially start work in July. […]

Gurman said the move was about exposure and pursuing new opportunities. Weintraub added that his 9to5 brand, while big and growing, doesn’t “offer the wider breadth of industry coverage and TV opportunities that Mark deserves.”

Based on the above description, a lot of people are guessing CNBC. I bet that’s because they forget that Bloomberg has a TV channel.

Update, a few hours later: Like I said, Bloomberg. Was not a very well-kept secret amongst us gossipy media types.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016