Layers 2016

Second edition of Layers, in San Francisco June 13-15:

Layers is a 3-day conference during wwdc to talk about design, celebrate our industry, and eat snacks. Like a party, but for learning.

Speakers include Christa Mrgan (occasional guest of The Talk Show, co-founder of Civil Comments), the never-opinionated Wil Shipley, and John Hodgman. Beyond the great lineup, Layers is just a great event: good venue, good food, and most importantly, an excellent full coffee bar. (I interviewed legendary designer Susan Kare at last year’s event.)

It’s not just coincident with WWDC, it’s only two blocks away, and is being promoted by Apple along with a few other community events. Jason Snell said it best last year: WWDC is now the heart of the Apple world’s calendar. Layers is a great way to be a part of it. And, for the next two days, Daring Fireball readers can save $100 on registration with the code “daringfiresale”.

[Update]: More good news: Layers will be streaming UI-design sessions live from WWDC.

Thursday, 2 June 2016