Glenn Fleishman Examines What’s New in Apple’s Emoji

Emoji week continues on Daring Fireball. Glenn Fleishman, writing for Macworld:

As part of this update, Apple has also redrawn most faces and figures, among other changes. For the quasi-figurative smiley-style emoji, the changes are very slight. In most cases, you need to zoom way in to see them, although the subtle effects remain noticeable on a Retina or 4K display. Smileys now have a slightly different light source, with a more intense “hottest” point at the top, some lines are thinner, and the 3D effect is slightly more pronounced.

The way I’d describe it is that the old Pac-Man-style faces had an Aqua-like high-gloss texture. The new ones are no longer glossy.

Here’s my beef: Why isn’t Apple yet supporting the tumbler glass?

Friday, 5 August 2016