Speculating on Apple Watch 2

Abdel Ibrahim:

By the time Apple unveils the Apple Watch 2, it will probably be nearly 24 months since the original made its debut. Think about that for a second. What can Apple do in 24 months when it controls the whole stack? Answer: A LOT.

Look past how an iPhone looks and think about what happens in 24 months. Virtually everything changes. RAM, processor, screen technology, cameras, sensors, even materials. Compare an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s and it’s a night and day difference in terms of performance and technology. This is the type of leap I’m expecting this fall with the Watch.

I don’t think the industrial design is going to change drastically, but I do think it will change. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Watch get a tad thinner. I also think Apple may do some interesting new finishes with the Sport model, which has clearly become the go-to Watch for most of us. Everything will be improved, I think, from the Taptic Engine to the display cover.

I get why there’s so much speculation about the new iPhones — it’s the most successful consumer product in the world. But I find it curious that there’s so little speculation about the second generation Apple Watch lineup. And no supply chain leaks either.

Joanna Stern and I talked about this at length on the latest episode of my podcast, and she predicts an increased focus on health and fitness features — if only because Apple has learned that those are a major reason people are buying Apple Watches today.

Friday, 5 August 2016