Satirical Political Apps in the App Store

Douglas Ernst, writing for The Washington Times:

The conservative website Heat Street reported Friday that “Hide it Hillary,” which is now available on Google Play for Android devices, does not condone violence or even feature the former secretary of state’s image. Instead, users are tasked with putting documents into a “laptop, server, shredder, or closet.”

“I absolutely believe there’s a double standard with Apple in the sense that they have defamatory and mean-spirited Trump games available for download but none for Hillary,” developers Ansem Omega Solutions told the website. “I can’t imagine we are the first developers to experience this type of bias. In fact, one of the main reasons we chose to develop a Hillary app is because there were no Hillary apps whatsoever in the store 6 months ago when we began developing.”

I have no idea why some of these apps get rejected and others get through, but it’s absolutely false that there are no anti-Hillary Clinton apps in the App Store. Just search for “Hillary”, and you’ll see a bunch, including several of the “Never Hillary” variety.

Saturday, 3 September 2016