Business Insider Clickbait of the Day

Dave Smith at Business Insider: “Here’s What Happens if Your Apple AirPods Get Lost or Stolen”:

What happens if someone steals your AirPods? What if you’re on the subway and someone snatches one or both out of your ears and runs away? Does Apple have a way of preventing this kind of theft?

The short answer, unfortunately, is no.

Apple says that if AirPods are lost or stolen, you’ll have to buy new ones, just like any other Apple product. There’s no anti-theft measures in place to protect your shiny wireless earbuds.

Google search must be broken — I’m trying to find Business Insider’s previous coverage on what happens if your $300 Bose / Beats / Sennheiser / Etymotic headphones get lost or stolen, and I’m coming up with nothing.

Thursday, 8 September 2016