Getting Music Onto Apple Watch

Joanna Stern (“Apple Watch Series 2 Review: Still Not a ‘Need,’ Finally a ‘Want’”):

Toggling through songs on my watch was far easier than getting them on there in the first place. Even after an hour on the phone with an AppleCare rep, I’m not entirely sure how I got the Apple Music playlist to wirelessly sync. Apple says it is actively working to fix this issue, but it illustrates the bigger problem of relying on a device with no cellular connectivity. I’d rather be able to stream music — and call people in an emergency.

Extra points for including an audio recording of the water eject beeps.

Lauren Goode, The Verge:

For whatever reason, I’ve had trouble syncing my iTunes to the Watch, which can support up to 2 GB of music. I can’t say I’m remotely surprised that I encountered something problematic with iTunes. A spokesperson for Apple said the company is aware that this may affect some people and is actively working to solve it.

With the combination of AirPods and GPS (for iPhone-free running and cycling), you’d think the company that invented the iPod would have made it really easy to get the music you want onto your Apple Watch.

Thursday, 15 September 2016