Google Cans ‘CEO’ of Google Access, Halts Expansion of Google Fiber

Kara Swisher, writing for Recode:

Executive changes are coming to Google Access, including the departure of CEO Craig Barratt, according to sources. The company is holding a town hall-style meeting sometime soon to announce these potential changes, these sources say.

Update: The company confirmed in a blog post Barratt is leaving, and the company will halt its rollout of Fiber to new cities. The company also plans layoffs in those areas.

Barratt will stay on as an adviser to Alphabet CEO Larry Page, but it’s clear this is a setback for its broadband ambitions. The company also did not name a new CEO to replace Barratt.

Why does Google humiliate departing executives by forcing them write upbeat blog posts telling us how great shit sandwiches taste? It’s clear that Barratt was fired and Google is stating publicly that they’re canceling previously-announced plans for expansion, but the headline on Barratt’s blog post is “Advancing Our Amazing Bet”. Barratt writes:

As for me personally, it’s been quite a journey over the past few years, taking a broad-based set of projects and initiatives and growing a focused business that is on a strong trajectory. And I’ve decided this is the right juncture to step aside from my CEO role. Larry has asked me to continue as an advisor, so I’ll still be around.

I’m sure he’ll be hanging around doing important work for Google with his fellow advisor Tony Fadell. Maybe Barratt will get Andy Rubin’s old desk in the advisor suite.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016