Requiem for MagSafe

If there’s one extra topic I wish David Phelan had asked Phil Schiller about regarding the new MacBook Pros in his aforelinked interview, it’s the absence of MagSafe. I see the advantages of having four universal ports, and I definitely see the advantages of being able to connect to a charger from either side. But man, MagSafe was such a good idea. Apple even made this great ad about it back in the “Get a Mac” campaign.

Why not put MagSafe on the charger, or on the cable somehow? It’s the one thing I truly miss on these new MacBook Pros. Update: Also, I miss the ability to see the charging status from the MagSafe indicator light (orange for charging, green for fully charged, off for “whoa, this thing isn’t actually connected to power”).

Wednesday, 2 November 2016