Is the New MacBook Pro Keyboard Too Loud?

Here’s a video from Louis Rossman comparing his old MacBook Pro keyboard to the brand new one. I think the new one is definitely louder. At one point during my review process, I was thinking the same thing, and I asked my wife and son to corroborate. They both told me it just sounded different, not louder. But now I’m thinking maybe I was right.

To me it’s of a piece with the clicky feel of the new keyboard, which I like. The premium clickiness is what made me say in my review that it’s a mixed bag, not a complete regression from the old ones. People who work in quiet rooms might disagree.

Update: Joanna Stern:

Yes! It is louder. I mentioned it in both video and column. I think part of it is that you think you need to hit the keys a bit harder.

Monday, 14 November 2016