Managed Apple IDs and the 5 GB iCloud Storage Limit

Frustrating thread on Twitter from Fraser Speirs, who runs a 1:1 deployment of iPads in a secondary school in the U.K.:

Our new deployment has been running for about 18 weeks now and kids are starting to run out of iCloud space again on their new Apple IDs.

School Apple IDs still only get 5 GB free space…. Hard to believe this is an ongoing problem.

No idea how anyone is doing a serious Shared iPad deployment with this kind of limitation.

Especially in a world where iPads shoot 12MP/4K/60 FPS.

According to Speirs, they can’t even buy their way out of the problem, because you can’t buy more storage for managed Apple IDs.

This 5 GB tier is just untenable. I shot a 6-minute video last night at a school event, at 30 FPS and 1080p, and it was 750 MB.

Thursday, 15 December 2016