AirPod Cases Disguised as Dental Floss Dispensers

I can see the appeal as a gag (especially if you live in a multi-AirPod-user household), but I don’t see how this is an “anti-theft” strategy.

I think the fear that thieves will attempt to snatch the buds out of your ears is going to prove unfounded, but I at least see how it’s possible. But how would thieves even see your AirPods case? Only scenario I can think of is if you want to keep them on your desk at work and have untrustworthy colleagues. (I had a stack of CDs stolen from my desk at a temp job just after college — the CDs were worth more than I made from the gig.) But if you’re worried about your case being stolen, it’s a lot safer to keep it in your pocket than to keep it on your desk with a dental floss disguise.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017