Dan Nainan, the 55-Year-Old ‘Millennial’ ‘Comedian’

Bizarre story from Ben Collins, writing for The Daily Beast:

Nainan was 36 in 2012 in The Wall Street Journal, but 31 in The New York Times in the same year. In 2006, he remembered when he got the bug to do comedy: In 1998, while he was working as a senior engineer at Intel. As a 17-year-old.

Then, there it is on paper: a Maryland traffic court case from last year. “Failure to display registration card upon demand by police officer.” Daniel Nainan of New York City. Date of birth: May 1961. […]

A Virginia speeding ticket in the database Lexis-Nexis says Nainan was pulled over for speeding in 1987. The ticket is so old that it’s not retrievable anywhere but on archived public-records searches. Fairfax County General District Court only retains records for resolved traffic cases for 10 years, according to both a FCGDC spokesperson and Virginia law.

Millennial Dan Nainan would’ve had to have been a 6-year-old with a speeding ticket.

So what, he’s lying about his age, right? Where his schtick angers me is that he’s claimed for years to have witnessed the World Trade Center towers collapse on 9/11, firsthand, and that that’s what prompted him to become a comedian.

The thing about pathological liars is that they don’t care about their web of lies adding up or making sense as a complete story. It’s simply about manufactured drama.

Friday, 6 January 2017