Web Font News: Apple.com Is Switching From Myriad to San Francisco

Apple’s transition from Myriad (Myriad Set, specifically) to San Francisco is nearing completion: this afternoon they switched the web font used for text on apple.com. Poking around with Safari’s web inspector, I see SF Pro Text, SF Pro Display, and something called SF Pro Icons.

Here’s what I wrote back in September, after the iPhone 7 introduction:

Apple is slowly but surely weaning itself off Apple Myriad. Everything this week was set in San Francisco. Apple’s Keynote slides were set in San Francisco, not Myriad, for the first time. The word “iPhone” on the back of the iPhones 7 is set in San Francisco now. This has been a gradual transition, and Myriad still appears some places, most notably as a web font on Apple’s website. It doesn’t work well alongside San Francisco.

When we look back decades from now, I think we’ll see Myriad as Apple’s Jobs-era typeface, and San Francisco as their Cook-era typeface. For this reason, even though I very much like San Francisco, I find it a little melancholy to watch their use of Myriad fade away.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017