Dropcam Founder and Former Nest Executive Greg Duffy Joins Apple

Duffy, you may recall, got a lot of attention last year when he excoriated Tony Fadell for what Duffy claimed was Fadell’s mismanagement of Dropcam post-acquisition.

Reed Albergotti got the scoop on Duffy’s hiring for The Information. From their paywalled story:

At first glance, Mr. Duffy seems like an unlikely candidate to become part of Apple’s vast corporate machinery. Even by Silicon Valley standards, where eccentricity is a virtue, Mr. Duffy is an individual. After leaving Nest, he embraced aeronautics with a passion, becoming an expert helicopter pilot, flying old fighter jets and taking a plane trip around the world, all the while considering his next startup idea.

People who know Mr. Duffy, but weren’t aware that he had joined Apple, expressed surprise. They had been sure Mr. Duffy would found a new company, aiming for his second blockbuster.

Must be an interesting gig.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017