Jackass of the Week: Barron’s

This is an actual headline at Barron’s today: “Apple: Investors Are Happy, But What About Consumers?”.

They sell 78 million iPhones in a quarter and Barron’s thinks it’s a legitimate question whether they’re making customers happy?

The real test comes later this year, when Apple releases its next iPhone, marking the smartphone’s 10th anniversary. As the stock makes gains, investor expectations for the debut head ever higher.

The “real test” is always the next iPhone with these people. Always.

Innovation, perhaps. But the new Macbooks [sic] have faced more than their usual share of criticism, including a rather lukewarm review from Consumer Reports about the battery life of the devices. Apple has since provided a software update that Consumer Reports says fixed the issue.

There are many reasonable complaints about the new MacBook Pros. But they’re nuanced. The only reason to dredge up the Consumer Reports saga — which is about a Safari developer debug mode bug that even Consumer Reports admits has been fixed by Apple — is to create the illusion of drama.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017