Upcoming Is Back

Andy Baio, on the About page for the newly relaunched Upcoming:

Launched in 2003, before Flickr or Facebook, Upcoming was the first site to use a social network for event discovery. After two years, Upcoming was acquired by Yahoo, running for a decade before Yahoo shuttered it in 2013.

Shortly after they shut it down, Yahoo offered to sell the domain back to me, an unprecedented move for a former acquisition.

I decided to launch a Kickstarter project to gauge interest in bringing Upcoming back from the dead. With the incredible support and infinite patience of 1,787 backers, I rebuilt Upcoming from scratch, restored the event archive, and relaunched the community in March 2017.

Thank you for believing in it.

Looks great. Somehow feels karmically right that the return of Upcoming has coincided with the end of The Deck.

Saturday, 1 April 2017