The 2016 Panic Report

Cabel Sasser’s annual report for Panic, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Mostly good news, but I’ll focus on the bad:

iOS continues to haunt us. If you remember, 2016 was the year we killed Status Board, our very nice data visualization app. Now, a lot of it was our fault. But it was another blow to our heavy investment in pro-level iOS apps a couple years ago, a decision we’re still feeling the ramifications of today as we revert back to a deep focus on macOS. Trying to do macOS quality work on iOS cost us a lot of time for sadly not much payoff. We love iOS, we love our iPhones, and we love our iPads. But we remain convinced that it’s not — yet? — possible to make a living selling pro software on those platforms. Which is a real bummer!

A bummer indeed. There are Mac-quality pro apps for iOS, but nowhere near as many as there are on the Mac.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017