Amazon Continues to Grow Lead Over Google as Starting Point for Online Shoppers

What’s interesting here aren’t the most recent numbers, but the stark trendline over the past three years. Amazon is eating Google’s lunch.

A personal anecdote:

Over the weekend I impulse purchased a clip-on booklight from Moleskine. It was like $19. It looked OK, and I liked the idea of having one that’s rechargeable over USB. Got it home, charged it, and it was busted — the light only worked when it was actually plugged into a USB port. Unplugged, it simply didn’t work. I looked on Amazon, and lo, this product gets terrible reviews, many of them from people seeing problems exactly like mine. The consensus is that Moleskine’s booklight is a piece of garbage. I thought, “This is why I shop for stuff like this at Amazon.”

The thought of searching through Google never entered my mind.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017