EPA Website Removes Climate Science Site From Public View After Two Decades

Chris Mooney and Juliet Eilperin, reporting for The Washington Post:

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday evening that its website would be “undergoing changes” to better represent the new direction the agency is taking, triggering the removal of several agency websites containing detailed climate data and scientific information. […]

The staffer described the process of reviewing the site as “a work in progress, but we can’t have information which contradicts the actions we have taken in the last two months,” adding that Pruitt’s aides had “found a number of instances of that so far” while surveying the site.

Yet the website overhaul appears to include not only policy-related changes but also scrutiny of a scientific Web page that has existed for nearly two decades, and that explained what climate change is and how it worked.

Translation: “We can’t let scientific facts get in the way of our policies.

The Bush administration wasn’t exactly known as a friend to environmental concerns, but even they didn’t take down these pages of scientific facts and data. The Trump kakistocracy is something else entirely.

Saturday, 29 April 2017