Dave Hamilton on Apple’s Rumored Siri Speaker

Dave Hamilton, writing for The MacObserver:

All the reports of Apple’s rumored Siri Speaker have it targeting Alexa and Google Home, and at one level that makes sense. The Siri Speaker seems like it will be a voice-controlled device in your home that happens to be able to emit sound. But I think there’s a different target Apple’s going after: Sonos. Remember, this isn’t rumored to just be a voice-controlled device with a speaker thrown in for audio feedback. Reports peg this as a device which contains multiple, high-quality speakers. […]

I would expect a device with seven tweeters to provide truly room-filling sound, perhaps from all angles given that each of those tweeters could be aimed in slightly different directions. This might be something that could pair with an Apple TV and not only play music but also play the audio for your TV shows and movies. The Siri Speaker may be more of a living room device than a kitchen device.

Man, this sounds like a great idea. Like Sonos but with really good AirPlay — like next-generation “AirPlay 2” AirPlay. Sonos doesn’t support AirPlay period.

Thursday, 1 June 2017