Ina Fried: Bozoma Saint John Plans to Leave Apple

Ina Fried, reporting a scoop for Axios:

Bozoma Saint John, the Apple executive who garnered significant attention for her demo at last year’s worldwide developer conference, plans to leave the company, Axios has learned. Saint John was head of Global Consumer Marketing for Apple Music (and predecessor Beats Music). […]

While Apple has several women of color in higher-ranking positions, Saint John had a high profile beyond Apple and was widely praised for her on-stage work last year. She was also fairly unique among Apple executives in maintaining a strong personal brand beyond her work identity, with a strong following on Instagram and Twitter.

So much for my prediction on The Talk Show that we’d see Boz on-stage again in the WWDC keynote. I also enjoyed that the company with Woz and Joz now had a Boz.

Saturday, 3 June 2017