A List Apart, Reimagined

Jeffrey Zeldman:

As A List Apart approaches its 20th anniversary — a milestone in independent, web-based publishing — we’re once again reimagining the magazine. We want your feedback. And most of all, we want you.

We’re getting rid of advertisers and digging back to our roots: community-based, community-built, and determinedly non-commercial. If you want to highlight local events or innovations, expand your skills, give back, or explore any other goal or idea, we’re here to support you with networking and backing from the community.

I have linked to articles at A List Apart many times over the years. It’s hard to imagine an indie web without them. Going with direct reader support in lieu of advertising is a bold move, and an indictment of the current state of web advertising. Their Patreon campaign is here — I’m in.

Thursday, 7 September 2017