Glow, the Smart Energy Tracker for Your Home

From their Kickstarter campaign page:

Years of research and hundreds of studies have been done on how people use energy. One thing everyone agrees on? Simple, real-time feedback helps reduce energy waste and can save 10% - 20% or more on energy bills.

So, we set out to design a beautiful and effective home energy tracker to do just that. Meet Glow, the smart energy tracker that lets you see your energy use.

Beautifully simple design, and perhaps more importantly, a super-simple installation process. I know Ben Lachman, Glow’s founder, and he’s been hard at work on Glow for years now. (Ben’s Nice Mohawk is the company behind Ita, the list-making app I’ve touted many times over the years.)

They’ve got a week to go in their campaign and are just $11,000 short of their goal as I write this. It’s a great idea that I hope to see funded.

Thursday, 7 September 2017