Austin Mann’s iPhone 8 Plus Camera Review From India

I look forward to Mann’s iPhone reviews more than any other each year. My lord what a remarkable camera these devices are. Mann:

I’m writing to you from a small hotel room in India having just experienced a magical adventure in western India orchestrated by friends at Ker & Downey. I’ve shot thousands of images and countless portraits with the iPhone 8 Plus and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.

While the iPhone 8 Plus looks essentially the same as the phone we’ve had since the 6 Plus, there are some new features in the 8 Plus which really impact creative pros across the board — most notably Portrait Lighting, along with a few other hidden gems. […]

After shooting 100 portraits or so, I can easily say Studio Light is my favorite of the effects. It emulates a gold bounce card as if it is just outside of the frame, bouncing nice warm light into the face and eyes of the subject. It does a nice job of making the face subtly pop from the rest of the background without doing anything too dramatic.

I’ve found Studio Light to be my favorite too. I’m pretty sure that’s why Apple put it first in the list.

Do yourself a favor and take your time reading Mann’s review, and really look at these photos. They’re simply amazing. (He’s got a great video too, with his tips for getting the most out of the new Portrait mode lighting effects.)

Friday, 22 September 2017