Nintendo at Its Best

Chris Compendio, reviewing Super Mario Odyssey for Paste:

I found that this videogame was persistent in its mission to bring me joy. Super Mario Odyssey is extra — in that same area in the Wooded Kingdom, I stood next to a boom box, and Mario, without any button prompt, automatically began dancing to the music. When I left Mario alone for more than a few seconds, he would lay down for a nap, and a bird would eventually land on his nose, with each kingdom having a different kind of bird. There are many moments like this that serve little to no purpose other than smiles, laughs and entertainment. Nintendo has a classic charm in all of their products. They do not simply go for the extra mile, but for at least fifty miles beyond that.

I bought it last week, but haven’t had time to play yet. Looking forward to it.

Friday, 10 November 2017