Transferring SD Card Data to iOS, Fast

Jason Snell:

It’s still a little bit silly that, now that iOS has a file-management app, you still can’t plug in a mass storage device via a USB adapter and copy files off of it directly. But until Apple relents — or if it never does — the MobileLite G3 gives me a fast way to transfer audio files on the road.

This sounds like a cool gadget, and a clever workaround for a tricky iOS limitation. But when I read stories like this, I can’t help but think about how easy this is on a Mac.

Apple even makes an SD card reader for iOS devices. It just seems downright wrong that it only allows you to import photos to your camera roll. Clearly a connected SD card ought to show up as a source in the iOS 11 Files app, right?

Tuesday, 19 December 2017