Amazon Prime TV App Breaks Apple TV Download Record

Brad Gibson (there’s a byline I haven’t linked to in a while), writing for Best Apple TV:

Amazon’s recently released Prime Video app was the most downloaded of any tvOS app ever in its first seven days, Apple confirmed Monday through a statement provided by Amazon.

The confirmation from Apple released by Amazon to read, “Prime Video has been a hit with Apple TV customers around the world — it had the most first-week downloads of any app in the history of tvOS.”

What is not known is how many times the app has been downloaded from the Apple TV App Store leading it to break the record or the app and its record that was broken. It is also not known if Apple provided record-breaking comparison numbers to Amazon.

Actually, we know exactly how many times it was downloaded: one standard Bezos unit.

For all my gripes about the design and implementation of the Amazon Prime Apple TV app (why in the world do you have to click after changing the selected tab, when every other Apple TV app in the world changes the displayed content live as you change the selection?), I’m not surprised it’s so popular. It’s inarguably the most-awaited Apple TV app ever. Amazon Prime has a great selection of content, and a ton of users.

The best part about the app is that it does support the integration with Apple’s own TV app, so you can largely avoid interacting with the Amazon Prime app itself.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017