Crossing Broad Attire for Super Bowl 52

Crossing Broad — a terrific Philly sports site — already has an assortment of clever t-shirts for the Eagles’ upcoming Super Bowl matchup against the goddamned Patriots. Their two plays on “LII” are enough to make me overlook my disdain for Roman numerals. Look, it’s well-known that I’m a lifetime fan of the Dallas Cowboys (a downtrodden franchise that has only won two playoff games since Bill Clinton’s first term in office), but you have to root for someone, and I love this city and hate the Patriots, so I sure as shit will be rooting for the Eagles.

I don’t care what happens though, I’m not singing that insipid song.

Also worth noting: it was, in fact, impossible to cross the well-Crisco’d Broad Street after last night’s game.

Monday, 22 January 2018