Three Short Films From Three Emerging LA Filmmakers

James Hughes, in a feature for Apple Newsroom:

In Los Angeles on a Saturday morning in November, a crew of 10 students from Hollywood High School, helmed by 17-year-old director Celine Gimpirea, are transforming a corner of the Calvary Cemetery into a movie set. In The Box, a boy slips inside a cardboard box and finds himself transported to other realms. On this well-manicured, impossibly green lawn, among rows of flat, black granite grave-markers, are rows of flat, black camera cases holding DIT stations, iPads and MacBook Pros — the tools that will bring the story to life.

Gimpirea’s is one of three teams of filmmakers involved in a month-long filmmaking workshop connecting creative professionals with emerging talent. The teams worked with powerful tools from Apple, including the MacBook Pro, iMac and Final Cut Pro X, as well as the RED Raven camera for shooting, and worked alongside Apple Retail experts and industry pros. LA-based independent filmmaking collective We Make Movies provided post-production supervision to help the filmmakers realize their visions.

I’m blown away that Gimpirea is just 17 years old. It’s a really fun little film. The other two films — Krista Amigone’s The Dancer and the documentary La Buena Muerte — are good too. Apple’s involvement in this project is so very Apple.

(Also good to see: a byline credit on an Apple Newsroom feature. That’s new.)

Thursday, 25 January 2018