Script Debugger 7.0

Huge update to one of the longest-standing and best Mac apps ever made, Script Debugger. Script Debugger 7 now has a free Lite mode that is way, way better than Apple’s own Script Editor. Even if you only tinker with AppleScript occasionally, Script Debugger Lite should be your script editor. And if you’re even vaguely serious about AppleScript, you simply have to try the full version of Script Debugger. It has saved me hours of time in the many years I’ve been using it.

AppleScript has quietly picked up a bunch of powerful new features in recent years, particularly AppleScriptObjC — a way to develop AppleScript-based applications with a rich user interface in Xcode. Script Debugger 7 has a slew of AppleScriptObjC features, including code completion and a lot more.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018