36-Year-Old Accountant Who Has Never Played Pro Hockey Stars in Blackhawks Win

Allyson Chiu, writing for The Washington Post:

“Among hockey’s great quirks,” as Hockey News explained, “is that it’s the only pro sport with the potential for someone not on the roster to come out of the stands and actually play in the game.” But, “it takes a very rare set of circumstances to open that door.”

This is a fabulous story, but one takeaway no one seems to be mentioning is that playing goalie in the NHL is not that difficult. I’m having trouble thinking of a another position in pro sports where this could happen. Maybe playing first base in baseball?

Update: This might be the most controversial post I’ve written. Take a look at my Twitter mentions. Hockey fans are arguing that goalie is an incredibly difficult position to play at an elite level. I’m sure it is. But I still don’t see any counter examples from any other sport where a 36-year-old with no experience at a higher level than college could come in and play. NBA? No way. NFL? Maybe a punter or placekicker, but no way at any other position. And with the possible exception of first base, no way in MLB — and even at first base, there’s no way a 36-year-old amateur could get a hit. At every other position in every other team sport, a non-elite player would be exposed.

Friday, 30 March 2018