Siri’s Problems With Women’s Sports

Paul Kafasis, writing at One Foot Tsunami:

Look, men’s sports are undeniably more popular than women’s sports. Given that, if both the men’s and women’s teams were playing at the same time, it might be reasonable to default to the men’s game. This, however, is simply ridiculous. Rather than showing what is likely the single most popular women’s college event (the championship game of the women’s basketball tournament), Siri is instead showing a fifteen day old men’s game from the second-rate NIT.

In a footnote, Kafasis notes that rather than defaulting to men’s sports if both teams are playing on the same day, it would be better for Siri to ask. I will add that after asking, Siri should remember. And, on shared devices like HomePod, these voice assistants need to recognize our voices. I want Siri to recognize my voice and remember which sports (and which teams) I’m generally interested in. But if there’s another sports fan in my house, they shouldn’t be presumed to be fans of the same sports and teams.

Monday, 2 April 2018