Agenda: New Mac Notes App That Lets You Attach Notes to Calendar Events

Khoi Vinh, on a killer feature in the new Mac notes app Agenda:

Unlike those competing apps, though, Agenda also gives me the option of associating any given note to a specific event on my calendar. The screenshot below shows how clicking on the calendar icon lets me find a date, view the events on that date, and then link that event with the current note. Even more powerfully, I can also view my calendar in a right-hand pane, click on an event there and initiate a new, linked note that automatically copies over the event’s title, attendees and description. Brilliant.

I just tried this and it’s really simple, obvious, and clever. When you attach an Agenda note to an event, it simply puts an agenda://note/<unique-identifier> URL in the event’s note field. Simple.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018