OmniFocus 3 Review

Ryan Christoffel, writing for MacStories:

OmniFocus 3, released today for iOS (and later coming to the Mac), adds even more power and options to the app’s existing toolset, yet rather than growing more complex in the process, it’s surprisingly become more approachable. This improved user friendliness is achieved thanks to a new level of flexibility that can, upon tweaking your ideal setup, obscure the app’s complexity in everyday use. In more ways than ever before, OmniFocus provides the tools to make the app your own.

I’ve never been an OmniFocus user, but version 3’s addition of tagging (replacing OmniFocus’s previous “contexts” feature) could get me to try it. As usual for MacStories, Christoffel’s review is comprehensive and insightful.

Update: David Sparks’s review is good too.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018