South Korean Carrier to Sell ‘New’ iPhone 3GS Units

Gordon Gottsegen, reporting for CNet:

Even though the iPhone 3GS will be sold as “brand new,” don’t expect it to work the same as a recently released iPhone. The iPhone 3GS was discontinued back in 2012, and it only runs iOS 6. As a result, many apps (and even iMessages) won’t work on the phone.

The iPhone predates Lightning cables, too, so you’ll be stuck using an old-school 30-pin connector.

Still, SK Telink is selling the iPhone 3GS for only 44,000 won, which is equivalent to $40, £30 or AU$55. So this Apple blast-from-the-past could be yours for pretty cheap — if you’re in Korea.

On the one hand, the 3GS is crazily outdated. On the other hand: $40!

Monday, 18 June 2018