NetNewsWire Comes Home to Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons:

After some years spent traveling the world, NetNewsWire is now back where it started! It’s my app again. […]

You probably know that I’ve been working on a free and open source reader named Evergreen. Evergreen 1.0 will be renamed NetNewsWire 5.0 — in other words, I’ve been working on NetNewsWire 5.0 all this time without knowing it!

It will remain free and open source, and it will remain my side project. (By day I’m a Marketing Human at The Omni Group, and I love my job.)

Don’t miss George Dick’s gracious announcement on the Black Pixel blog. I’ve been privy to a bit of this news for a few weeks, and all I can say is that this seems like a great outcome for all involved. Black Pixel did a great job taking over NetNewsWire, but times change, and companies change. Handing the NetNewsWire name back to Brent was a classy move, but completely unsurprising to me, knowing George and the other folks at Black Pixel.

Evergreen also looked and felt like what NetNewsWire always was: a fast, graceful, modern Mac feed reader. Now it gets to call itself that.

Friday, 31 August 2018