Kuo: USB-C to Replace Lightning on 2018 iPad Pro

Ming-Chi Kuo:

In addition to Face ID support, we expect the new iPad Pro models’ main upgrade to include replacing Lightning with a USB-C interface and bundling with a new unibody design 18W power adapter, which cancels the removable plug design.

I would find this a bit surprising, but nowhere near as shocking as if they moved iPhones to USB-C. On the one hand, Apple is positioning iPad Pros as alternatives to laptops, so a USB-C port makes sense for connecting peripherals. But if the rumors are true that this year’s iPad Pros don’t have headphone jacks, this doesn’t make much sense at all. This would mean someone with a Mac, iPhone, and iPad would need three different headphone adapters.

Update: Lots of people are pointing to the obvious: AirPods. I love my AirPods. I get it. But there has to be a wired headphone story too. There’s a reason why MacBooks still have a headphone jack. And here’s another question: what about Apple Pencil? They could make a USB-C version, but why splinter that market? What’s the advantage to switching to USB-C?

Monday, 10 September 2018