New Tech Talk Has Developer Info on New iPad Pros

Apple Developer

Take advantage of the all-screen design of the new iPad Pro by building your app with the iOS 12.1 SDK and making sure it appears correctly with the display’s rounded corners and home indicator. Learn about the new common inset compatibility mode and what it means for apps running in multitasking mode. Find out how to provide support for Face ID and for the second generation Apple Pencil with its double-tap feature.

One change is that these new iPads don’t have a 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is 199:139, which works out to about 1.43:1 — a little wider in landscape than 1.33:1.

The video also has a great overview of the ways third-party apps can use the double-tap gesture on the new Apple Pencil.

Update: Another good video: “Designing for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil”.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018