Mark Rober’s Glitter Bomb Package Video Was at Least Partly Staged

Brianna Sacks, writing for BuzzFeed News:

On Wednesday, a man named Peter Logan emailed BuzzFeed News to share some strange things he noticed using Google’s Street View feature and Zillow. He realized that when the third thief, who opened the glitter-fart bomb inside her home, went outside to throw it out, her side yard and outdoor space seemed to be right next door to Cici’s house.

After watching the video several times much more closely, he realized that the second package thief’s car, a black Ford Focus, was also parked outside Cici’s house in several other shots. Zooming in, Logan was able to read the address on the third thief’s house, google it, and confirm that it was indeed Cici’s neighbor, leading him, he wrote, to “come to the opinion that the whole video was a put-on, that the package thieves were in on the gag.” […]

Rober has since edited the video to remove at least two of the “victims” and issued a statement.

Saturday, 22 December 2018